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Top travel trends from Country & Town House

‘Intelligent luxury is the label for the edifying and experiential escapes we want – memories are more important than material goods,’ says Juliet Kinsman in the travel-themed March 2016 issue of Country & Town House magazine. ‘We are experience junkies, and our appetite for adventure is growing. Instead of conventional hotels we want immersive travels. We’re dodging the mainstream crush and opting to be part of an ever-growing global sharing economy. Smartphones and boosted connectivity make it easier than ever to take full advantage of peer-to-peer services and now that Airbnb invites us to stay in people’s homes in every country in the world, it’s more appealing than ever.’

Travel Trends by Juliet Kinsman in Country & Town House magazineThese are the headlines…
1.  All eyes are on Iran.
2. Responsible tourism is a huge consideration for today’s eco-conscious consumers.
3. Health-boosting holidays suited to haute-cuisine-loving hedonists have arrived.
4. We like to live like a local while we travel.
5. It’s the time to long-haul it for less.
6. Colombia is on the up – keep your eyes on Mar de Indias as Morgans is opening Delano Cartagena (pictured, above) with a beach club to rival its sexy South Beach sis in Miami soon…
7. Budget boutique hotels and hip hostels are what we want.
8. Sleeping somewhere special now extends to the likes of Bristol Zoo.
9. Hot-desk it while you holiday.
10. Video inspiration is vital.

by hueandcry