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Our Top TED Talks

Ideas Worth Spreading – whether you’re interested in boosting your creativity or learning about how genetics can apply to branding, TED Talks are a wonderful thing. Instant inspiration and edification from style to sustainability, at the tap of a button. The internet threatens a blizzard of data and videos – but here’s our edit on what to watch for wisdom and deep thinking when it comes to design, business, culture and happiness…

The First Secret of Great Design | Tony Fadell

The originator of Apple’s iPod, invites us to step back to really see things. That’s how he says you’ll really notice problems and fix them. It inspires you to be innovative and imparts ways that entrepreneurs and inventors, and all of us can improve life and learn to see the world the way it really is, not the way we think it is.
– Amalie Craig

How To Run A Company With (Almost) No Rules | Ricardo Semler

Such a strong, thought-provoking business talk which gives a fresh outlook on management and how to balance your work time with your leisure time.
– Lauren Reis

What Makes A Good Life; Lessons From The Longest Study On Happiness | Robert Waldinger

It’s incredible that this study on adult development has been running for over 70 years and that the clearest message they have gathered from their tens of thousands of pages of research is that good relationships keep us happy and healthier.  Social connections are good for us! This talk from the psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and Zen priest really rung true with me as meeting new people and making meaningful connections is one of the reasons I went into PR industry; while at the same time proving that taking time out from work and general life to make time for people and do things that make them feel appreciated is really important, in order to create long lasting relationships and be healthy and happy in life.
– Nicola Jones

We Can Now Edit our DNA; But Let’s Do It Wisely | Jennifer Doudna

The reason I appreciated this talk by the Professor of Chemistry and of Molecular and Cell Biology in particular, because as PR professionals, I think of us as having the power to define our client’s brand and messaging. We play a key role in their brand and can manipulate or alter a brand’s DNA if the client wants. We are strategic thinkers so we are capable of doing this in an innovate and creative way.
– Elaine Azlin

Don’t Ask Where I’m From, Ask Where I’m a Local | Taiye Selasi

The writer of Nigerian and Ghanaian origin shatters the concept of national identity and challenges the concept we have of where we come from. We don’t hail from constructed states or nations, but more shared cultures and experiences. We should ask “Where are you local?” not “Where are you from?” The three Rs are rituals, relationships, restrictions – examine where these take place to give a truer picture of where someone is ‘from’. – Amalie Craig

Design is in the Details | Paul Bennett

I liked the way the British branding and design master sees the world from the user and through using the everyday life.  I think this is something we try and do, especially in the creative team in terms of hosting and organising events. They try to ‘reframe’ ordinary and every day spaces, for example the Old College where we hosted Bacardi Legacy 2015. They took an ordinary/everyday building and turned it into something amazing. He talks about connecting the ‘big’ (companies, governments etc) to the ‘small’ (the people), and that this is the key component is producing creativity; creativity through the periphery, through the user. He talks about how small things can create a large impact, and how we need to reframe the ordinary to be creative.
– Anna Boast

A Vision For Sustainable Restaurants | Arthur Potts Dawson

A great talk about the sustainability of food and the restaurant industry, also well ahead of its time with places such as London’s first zero-waste restaurant Tiny Leaf only just starting to come into the mainstream now. I listened when it first went live in 2010 and it inspired my interest in the sustainability of food and how sustainability affects the restaurant industry. Since then, the sustainability of restaurants has become very front of mind for many consumers and organisations like the Sustainable Restaurant Association and celebrities such as Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall have also helped to push the issue into the news pages.
– Kate Licnachan

Fashion and Creativity | Isaac Mizrahi

The fashion designer talks about creativity as being a surprise, and being able to gain inspiration through everything/daily life.
– Lucy Newman

How To Start A Movement | Derek Sivers

The writer and entrepreneur, believes that to create a movement you must be an influencer, and have the courage to follow and embrace others.
– Carla Burt

Be an Opportunity Maker | Kare Anderson

Working together and part of a team is the best way to become an opportunity marker (and influencer), says the Forbes columnist. At Hue & Cry this is something we try and do – I like to see the agency as a tight-knit little community.  Opportunity as ‘we’ and ‘together’ and how we should connect with the ‘right’ people. Kare believes that there are three key points in becoming an opportunity marker. 1. Honing your strengths. 2. Be a pattern seeker. 3. Communicating with everyone.
– Kate Licnachan

I love that the founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup here is only 18; he experienced a problem and from personal experience started using the platform to not only provide a solution but also highlight the serious issue of ocean plastics.
– Robbie Platt

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