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Social media for travellers

Social media isn’t just about ‘smoasting’ – social media boasting – it can be a fantastic tool to help you get from A to B and make the right decisions on where to eat, drink, stay and what to see. Andrea Bartz article for the Wall Street Journal flagged up some interesting developments in the social space… Facebook Live is […]

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Cuba, Porto, Jamaica, Dartmoor, Chatsworth Road – some of the destinations on our radar in our travel trend round-up

Underwater Airbnb letting: “Now you can rest up in a 360° submerged suite surrounded by million litres of water and 35 sharks asFrance’s Aquarium de Paris to host its first ever underwater guests” – The Memo Female adventurers: “the explorers making their mark today and inspiring others to get out and blaze a trail…”– The Guardian Chinese tourism: […]

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Interview with an influencer: Alexander Souri of Relief Riders International

Alexander Souri founded Relief Riders International in 2004 and Relief Workers International in 2008. In 2010, Relief Riders International won the United Nations NGO Positive Peace Award for its outstanding leadership in combining adventure travel with humanitarian aid. Born in New York City to a French mother and an Indian father, the former film and theater producer has always […]

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Top travel trends from Country & Town House

‘Intelligent luxury is the label for the edifying and experiential escapes we want – memories are more important than material goods,’ says Juliet Kinsman in the travel-themed March 2016 issue of Country & Town House magazine. ‘We are experience junkies, and our appetite for adventure is growing. Instead of conventional hotels we want immersive travels. We’re […]

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